About Us

Our story

Jen and Ben of morethanagift.com

Hello and welcome to our website!

We are Ben and Jen, brother and sister. We grew up in Germany but have both spent many years in other countries. Here, we will try to give you a better idea what we and this site are about.

Our values and motivation

Our parents instilled a strong sense of integrity in us. As a result of this, we put our beliefs and passions before things like money, prestige, and status. This is reflected in this site in that we put a lot of effort into trying to provide valuable content and ideas to our readers that will truly help them find meaningful gifts.

Our decision to want to help people become better gift givers was motivated by our heartfelt desire to make a positive difference in people's lives. While we hope to make a modest living with our endeavors, we always want to do it in a manner that improves our readers' or customers' lives.

Getting there

We have come a long way since our humble beginnings and we are steadily gaining momentum. We are still small but our enthusiasm for what we are doing has not gone down and we have great plans for the future.

Hopefully this passion shines through to you :-)


We had our logo created by a designer through crowdSPRING (affilliate link). It was a great process and we can recommend them for design projects.

This site would not exist without the inspiration and teachings from Ed Dale and the Thirty Day Challenge Plus (affiliate link) We recommend it for anyone planning to start their own online business.