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The circle symbolizes mutual love and affection.


  • A symbol of love, comfort of the heart and fidelity.

  • In the UK and the USA, it used to be common for a single woman to place a pot of basil outside her window to announce her availability.


Symbol of temperance, love and romance.

Sun & Moon

The sun is known as the ruler of the heart and the moon is known as the ruler of the head. The two combine to symbolize a balanced and happy life.


Truth and knowledge are revealed when a veil is lifted.

The introduction of the wedding veil stems from the time of the Crusades. In early weddings the bride was bargained for through her father; she was married wearing a veil and only revealed to her husband after the ceremony. Veils were used as a symbol of virginity and purity.


  • In dream psychology, the bed symbolizes sexuality and intimacy.

  • The bed symbolizes rest or the need to rest.


The vase is a symbol of treasure in the Kabbalah.

Colour: Red

This color symbolizes love, passion, courage and enthusiasm.

Lover's Knot

The tying of knots symbolises love, loyalty and friendship.

According to European folklore, a woman could retain her lover's interest by tying a knot in his handkerchief and placing it in his breast pocket.

Bridal bouquets often have cascading ribbons in which many knots have been tied, each one holding wishes for fidelity and happiness.

Colour: Pink / Rose

This color is known to symbolise love, harmony, friendship, affection and happiness.


German legend tells of a knight and his lady who were walking along the river banks on the eve of their wedding when they saw a spray of beautiful flowers in the river below. The lady begged him to retrieve them for her and as he dove into the water, clutching the flowers in his hand he was swept away by the turbulent waters. Struggling against the current, the knight cried out "forget me not", giving the flowers their name.


Sprigs of rosemary are often used in a bride's bouquet or hair wreath, as well as in the groom's boutonniere. After the ceremony the sprigs were planted in the garden of the new home for the couple's future daughters to use.

Wedding guests were also presented with a branch of rosemary as a symbol of love and loyalty.


Venus, the Roman goddess of love, carried a vial of precious nectar as she hurried off to see her lover Adonis. On her way, she carelessly stepped on a thorn and punctured her foot. Blood stained the thorny bush and nectar spilled on its leaves. Where blood and nectar mingled, a beautiful red rose appeared.

Goblet / Chalice

  • The Roman goddess Flora holds the chalice from which grace flows.

  • Japanese wedding ceremonies include the exchange of cups as a symbol of faithfulness.

  • In Muslim mystical writings, cups symbolise the heart as the most sensitive point in the soul.


In the Middle Ages, the lady presented ribbons to her knight as a symbol of victory. Ribbons were also thrown to the victor in the joust.