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Formal Gift: Flower thank you

To say a little thank you to your co-worker or colleague, give her a pretty flower in a vase after a particularly tough project or task has been completed. Add a little note saying "Thank you for keeping your petal to the metal! Your help was invaluable!"

Formal Gift: Flower boom

A great formal gift to clients or business partners is a bunch of flowers or a plant in bloom to say "Thank you for working with us. We are in full boom thanks to you!"

Formal Gift: Fast track colleague

A great congratulations gift for your colleague or friend who has just been promotod is a gift voucher to a sporting-goods store for a new pair of running shoes to say "Congratulations! You are on the fast track!"

Formal Gift: Losing your marbles

We all know those intense times at work, when an important project needs to be completed urgently and everybody is working long hours and is exhausted. To cheer everyone up tell them to "Stick in there - together we will get through this, so don't lose your marbles!" anda hand everyone a small bag of colorful marbles.

Formal Gift: Smart cookies

Compliment your clients or business partners with a jar of delicious cookies, "To the smartest cookies on the planet". Go for individually wrapped cookies if you can as these have a longer shelf-life and are suitable especially for those that travel a lot.

Formal Gift: Bear with me

A thoughtful token of appreciation for anyone helping you with a difficult project or task, putting in lots of hard work and long hours, is a small stuffed teddy bear. Add a note: "Your help is making this project bearable - thank you very much!"

Formal Gift: Star performer

For a colleague or co-worker who has been promoted, give a small star: a paperweight in the shape of a star, star candy or even a piece of jewelry. Add a note saying "Congratulations on your stellar performance!"

Formal Gift: Sweet Coworker

A bowl or jar of candy make a great desk accessory. Make sure it is large enough to cater for colleagues with a sweet tooth stopping by. Include a note or label saying "To the sweet smell of your success!".

Formal Gift: Great impressions

A great luxurious gift for a new employee or a new business partner is a mongrammed business card holder, a pretty leather portfolio or a handy travel toiletry case embellished with his or her initials for those upcoming business trips. "Welcome on board! Your initial impression was outstanding and we are looking forward to working with you!" could be your message.

Stationery: Personlized notepad

A simple yet personal gift for anyone with a tendency to make notes on the back of grocery receipts and other bits of paper is a personalized notepad. You can tailor the personalization to refer in some way to the gift occasion or go for something standard like "From the desk of [name]". You can get all sorts of shapes and sizes, from self-sticking notepads to address labels.