Etiquette Gifts

Sentiments for Holidays, Customs & Traditions

Sometimes we are faced with a gift-giving occasion without necessarily wanting to express more than a simple "Happy Holidays", "Merry Christmas" or "Happy Thanksgiving".

And if we are completely honest - sometimes we just have to give a small gift out of politeness, because convention and etiquette dictate we do so.

That's perfectly acceptable and not all gifts have to be very personal and / or meaningful. However, we still need to give these gifts some thought or we might risk upsetting or annoying the recipient.

Gift ideas

St. Patricks Day: Lucky charms

Give your friends a box of Lucky Charms(R) and tell them "I'm a lucky person for having you as my friend!"

New Year: Spicing up the coming year

Spice up the year ahead with a gift of assorted spices. Choose high-quality types in pretty jars.

Vernal Equinox: Spring is sprung

The first day of spring around 21 March is a great day for a gift of flowers, such as daffodils, precursors of the season ahead. Add a humorous little message like "Spring is sprung, the grass is green. You are the best friend I have ever seen!"


Peach blossom

In China, peach blossoms are believed to ward off illness and danger. Branches of the blossoms are hung on the outside of their homes, thereby preventing guests from bringing in any unwanted influences.

Candles, Cake & Wine

In Portugal, it used to be customary to have an "open house" from Christmas until New Year's Day. During this period, every window in the house flickered with candlelight as a sign of welcome to all passers-by. Each visitor was treated to a small cake and some wine.

Candles, Bread & Salt

According to a Jewish tradition, a gift of candles, bread and salt blesses the home of a loved one. It symbolises the giver's prayer that the house will always be filled with light, bountiful food and spiced with joy.