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Scented waxed teddy bear

Eleanore, 39 got this from her husband and said:

I was feeling down for a couple days and thought my husband hadn't noticed which hurt my feelings even more. Then after he came home from work he had this huge thing of balloons and a big wrapped present which smelled so wonderful. I opened it and there was the most beautiful waxed teddy bear in it! It made me cry for days. It was the most special thing he has ever done for me!

Picture album

Sharon, 21 got this from her husband and said:

My husband gathered together all the pictures from when we were dating and made an album for me. He wrote funny comments and memories next to each picture. It was very meaningful to me because I know it took him a long time to gather and complete. I love gifts that are personal and that the person has put a lot of thought into. I will treasure my album forever.

Family picture

Kelli, 30 got this from her husband and said:

My husband took my daughter and I to Disney World for Christmas and we had our picture taken with Mr. and Mrs. Clause. He had it blown up to a 8x10 and had it matted and framed, it was a great surprise and it was very sentimental.


Sonia, 37 got this from her husband and said:

I love to read books and there was a particular title which I was trying to locate, but was unable to find as it was out of stock. My spouse managed to get his hands on this book (second hand book), and even though this book was not new, I was very happy to receive it, as I had been looking for this particular book for a very long time and it was very thoughtful of him to find it for me.

Diamond pendant

Cathy, 30 got this from her husband and said:

Like all girls I too love jewelery and especially diamond jewelery. My husband gave me a diamond pendant in shape of a heart on our 5th wedding anniversary.