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Jewelry box

Jeanette, 30 got this from her mother-in-law and said:

It was not new, it was so ugly, and it was one she had had for a while that sat on the back of her dresser and had dust caked on it. It had no sentimental value and she was just being mean by giving it to me.

Purple stringy textured zip up robe

Valerie, 22 got this from her grandmother and said:

I had been asking for a robe like grandpa's. A TIED robe. I had had zip ups before but felt a tied robe was more mature, seeing as I was in high school. I had specifically asked for a tied robe but for some reason my grandmother bought me this horrendous purple zip up instead. I felt like she didn't listen to me, like what I said didn't matter.

A man's thick choker necklace

Darlene, 25 got this from her grandmother and said:

Well being a woman, I don't typically wear men's jewelry. Obviously my grandma doesn't know the difference, so I had to pretend like I loved it. It was actually rather entertaining. Some of my aunts and uncles and cousins got the giggles.

Modeling clay

Yvonne, 40 got this from her cousin and said:

I was 17 or 18 years old at the time and it was clay for little kids.

"Sleep sack"

Martha, 37 got this from her boyfriend's father and said:

It was like all-in-one flannel pajamas, except it had no leg holes. The bottom of the pajamas was just this pouch that your legs were supposed to go in. It was just so ugly, and impractical, too. I could not walk at all while wearing this, because my feet were stuck into the pouch at the bottom. If I had actually tried to sleep in this, and then had to get up in the night, I would have fallen on my face.