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Sewing machine - a nice, basic, solid Singer.

Linda, 37 got this from her boyfriend and said:

Lots of things made it a great gift. I didn't have a sewing machine at the time, and I was always borrowing a friend's machine. I didn't ask for one, so it was a total surprise. We didn't have huge amounts of money at the time, so it was a really big deal. Every time I use it, I remember what a thoughtful gift it was and how happy it made me.

10K gold 0.25 tcw diamond heart necklace

Karen, 20 got this from her boyfriend and said:

My boyfriend surprised me by picking out this gift himself. He typically does not give surprise presents, so I did not expect it at all. I was touched that he spent hours picking out the perfect necklace for me. He even asked other people for their opinions and had a woman with the same build as me try on the necklace so he would know what length of chain to get! I love the workmanship of the piece that reflects my boyfriend's down-to-earth tastes---very elegant and understated. In a way, it reflects the qualities I admire in my boyfriend. Every morning I put on the necklace and I know how much he cares about me because of the hard work it took for him to get me this gift.


Kristy, 26 got this from her boyfriend and said:

My boyfriend gave me a very special Christmas gift: he bought me some beautiful lingerie and attached my wedding ring to the bra.


Crystal, 27 got this from her special friend and said:

It is a great gift because I never expected to receive it. It is also a memorable one as it came from a special friend as a symbol of his love. He gave it so that we can communicate everyday and that we will not miss one another. It's not actually the value that counts but the thought and the love that goes with it.