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$50 check

Justin, 36 got this from his good friend and said:

It was my wedding gift from one of my best friends. Not only did it bounce costing me a $20 bank fee, but my friend apologized and told me to go ahead and re-deposit it. Guess what? It bounced again costing me another $20 bank fee.


David, 18 got this from his best friend and said:

It had some adult content and my parents saw it. I was only 11 at the time and it was so embarrassing!


Irene, 48 got this from her good friend and said:

Don't get me wrong, I love cats! However, at the time my friend gave me this gift I was living in an apartment - with no pets allowed. I also had a roommate who didn't like cats, and would often complain about the cat sitting in the window as the landlord was walking by, jumping on the table, making a mess with the litter box, pulling down the curtains, etc. Regardless of the lease regulations and roommate worries, it wasn't good for the kitten to be kept inside all day, often without someone to play with. I eventually decided it was best for me to take the kitten to be raised by my mother, who lived on our family farm. I explained all of this to my friend, who still felt hurt that I gave his present away.