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Scrapbook with pages from each of my close friends.

Gloria, 30 got this from her sister and girlfriends and said:

Each of my girlfriends put a lot of thought and time into crafting a scrapbook that reflected the history of our friendship. I liked that the gift had a personal touch and didn't cost a lot of money to create. It is something that I will keep forever and makes me smile every time I look at it.


Crystal, 27 got this from her special friend and said:

It is a great gift because I never expected to receive it. It is also a memorable one as it came from a special friend as a symbol of his love. He gave it so that we can communicate everyday and that we will not miss one another. It's not actually the value that counts but the thought and the love that goes with it.


Angela, 40 got this from her friend and said:

I was not able to read the old bible because the letters were very small, I wanted to buy a big lettered for a long time but could not afford to buy one. I value this gift as a gift from God and I am able to read my bible.