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Joy, 37 got this from her friend and said:

I am not so keen on deodorants and my friend knew this, but still went ahead and bought it for me. The worst thing was, I am very hygenic, and keep myself clean, but the deodorant made me feel as if I was emanating bad odour.

Pizza stone

Evelyn, 30 got this from her friend and said:

I used it a couple times. It's SO heavy and not to mention very hard to clean. It stains EVERY time I use it, and it over cooks my pizza!! But I didn't want my friend to feel bad because she thought it was the perfect gift! Boy was she wrong.

The same bag I saved up for months and got myself before I received the same one as a gift!

Lorna, 45 got this from her best friend and said:

Some people might not think its a bad or an unpleasant gift but I felt disappointed to be honest... There was this bag I saved up for like four months to get myself on my birthday, and eventually bought it happily. And lo and behold I got the same bag from my best friend on my birthday.

Coffee table-sized book of Mother Goose Rhymes

Natalie, 49 got this from her friend and said:

Considering that I was an adult, had no young children at home to read Mother Goose Rhymes to, it was pretty useless to me. I was disappointed with this gift. It would have been a great one had I been 5 or 6 years old!

"Sleep sack"

Martha, 37 got this from her boyfriend's father and said:

It was like all-in-one flannel pajamas, except it had no leg holes. The bottom of the pajamas was just this pouch that your legs were supposed to go in. It was just so ugly, and impractical, too. I could not walk at all while wearing this, because my feet were stuck into the pouch at the bottom. If I had actually tried to sleep in this, and then had to get up in the night, I would have fallen on my face.


Irene, 48 got this from her good friend and said:

Don't get me wrong, I love cats! However, at the time my friend gave me this gift I was living in an apartment - with no pets allowed. I also had a roommate who didn't like cats, and would often complain about the cat sitting in the window as the landlord was walking by, jumping on the table, making a mess with the litter box, pulling down the curtains, etc. Regardless of the lease regulations and roommate worries, it wasn't good for the kitten to be kept inside all day, often without someone to play with. I eventually decided it was best for me to take the kitten to be raised by my mother, who lived on our family farm. I explained all of this to my friend, who still felt hurt that I gave his present away.

Wine bottle candle holder

Veronica, 35 got this from her colleague and said:

It is not something I would every use and is very tacky.