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Wooden gingerbread house advent calendar

Andrea, 37 got this from her mother and said:

My mother loves getting her children the one thing they want the most. Well at 35 it was pretty hard to tell her what one gift I wanted more than anything else. Knowing my love of gingerbread decorations, she found this giant, wooden gingerbread house advent calendar that's windows and door open to be filled with candy. I had seen other advent calendars before but none that had openings on all four sides. It is amazing and took me completely by surprise. I love filling it every year.

Prismacolor Markers

Lynn, 26 got this from her mother and said:

I have always been very artistic, yet have never been able to afford good, high quality art products. My Mom and I are best friends, and she would often hear me speaking about Prismacolor Markers, and how wonderful they are. For Christmas, she presented them to me, and I almost cried. She always knew to get me the perfect gift, and this gift really made me so excited and I finally felt fulfilled, knowing that I could finally create beautiful artwork. I love my Mom so much, and I will never forget the Christmas she gave me the best gift in the world.

Huge photo album with a family history

Jaynie, 26 got this from her mother and said:

The gift was not only a gorgeous album - made of leather and engraved with my name and the date stamped on the front in gold - but it was full of photos of me and my family from my birth up to my marriage. The sentimental value made it such an amazing gift.

LASIK Eye Surgery

Amanda, 57 got this from her mother and said:

After Mother learned that she was suffering from macular degeneration, she decided to give me the gift of sight. I'd been very near-sighted for years, so she gave me LASIK surgery. It was amazing. I had it done 2 years ago, and I haven't had to wear glasses since that time. I also see much better than I'd seen in years. There couldn't have been a greater gift!


Elaine, 40 got this from her parents and said:

The car I was driving was hit or miss as to whether it would start. My parents gave me a new car so I'd have reliable transportation. It was very thoughtful.

Homemade stuffed hippo toy

Sheila, 50 got this from her mother and said:

I have collected hippos all my life. My mother had divorced my dad and she was raising me alone on the money she made from a job at K-mart, so she had hardly any to spend. She made this hippo from a pattern, and worked on it in secret. "Herbie" had a little hat and white collar and tie. He was so cute we both laughed until we cried over him. This gift was very special because of her thought and effort. I am now 50 years old and I still have and cherish Herbie the Hippo.


Monica, 45 got this from her mother and sister and said:

I never buy myself jewelries. It was so great and memorable when my mom and sister found just the right jewelries for my birthday. I love and use them every single day!


Melissa, 25 got this from her mother and said:

I had my license at 15 because the state allowed me to drive. I drove a Clunker... the worst one. Then my mother gave me a brand new Neon. I always wanted a Mustang, but told her it was not practical and too expensive for me, and that I would prefer a sporty 4-door. I loved that car, sadly it was totaled in an accident by another person. One day I took my Grandma's car to Mom's office to go to lunch with her, it was summer, and she said... oh we will take my car... as we are walking into the parking garage she says, will you drive? I say.. ummmm ok.. she then hands me "her" keys. They don't look like her keys so I ask what is this, and she says, why don't you push the panic button. I do, and there is a white Mustang sitting in front of me, all mine!