Great Gifts gone wrong for your Daughter

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Hot pink, oversized rayon t-shirt with a harlequin on the front done in sequins and glitter

Rebecca, 37 got this from her father and said:

Apart from the fact that the shirt was absolutely hideous, it was SO not my style. I'm into very quiet, natural clothing, with soft earthy colors and a minimum of embellishment and it was obviously something I'd never actually wear. My father and I don't have a great relationship and I think the shirt was actually chosen to be offensive rather than to be a gift I'd like.

Huge, hot pink, homemade sweater vest

Nora, 57 got this from her mother and said:

There is no way I'd ever wear anything like that vest. I tend to prefer darker colors and clothing that makes me seem slimmer. This vest was so loud and so huge that it made me look enormous. It was immediately relegated to the back of my closet, and it's never been worn. She meant well, but...

Toy pistol

Sarah, 26 got this from her parents and said:

I'm a girl and I really wanted a lovely doll, not a gun. My parents should have known this.