Great Gift ideas for your Baby, Infant or Child

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Keepsake: Collection

All children will at one point or another start a collection of their favorite items. So why not start a tradition and give the child a small but valuable item, such as a silver pin or charm bracelet pendant, for each birthday / Christmas or whatever the occasion. You can pick a symbol that represents the previous year. That way, the child will end up with a lovely and precious keepsake - and you will never have to worry about a gift idea again, just keep adding to the collection!

Childrens Book: Classic Stories

A meaningful gift for a small child is really meant to be a meaningful gift indicating one's relationship to the parents of said child. For small children of good friends, a large book of stories you loved when you were a child makes a great gift. Classics are:

  • Rudyard Kipling, Just So Stories
  • A.A. Milne, Winnie the Pooh

Why not add an inscription in the book, saying something like "One of my favorite books for one of my favorite people. I loved this book when I was a child, and I hope you will, too." Always remember to date your inscription.

Book: Childrens Book of the Month

Children love having stories read to them, or if they are older, they might enjoy reading themselves. A great birthday present for a small child is one book for each month of the coming year. You could either purchase the books in advance, join an online or local book club (there are some that specialize in children's books) or you could make a little voucher, stating that you will give one new book each month. That way the child will be able to enjoy their gift for a whole year! It is also great if you don't live close by - if you mail the book to the child, it will serve as a lovely reminder that you are thinking of them!

Baby Gifts: Shoes

Pick baby's first pair or shoes, plus a certificate to have them bronzed or encased in porcelain for a long-lasting gift. Add a message "Welcome to the world. No one can fill your shoes!".

Baby Gifts: Hall of fame

Give a selection of gifts for baby's milestones: a bib "My first birthday", a tooth-fairy pillow or container for baby's first tooth, a silver spoon for baby's first meal. You can also add one of those lovely baby photoalbums and a single-use camera, for the parents to capture the first special moments.

Baby Gifts: Bath Accessories

Fill a basket or open plastic-handled box with cotton balls, disposable diapers, baby shampoo, baby oil and wipes, diaper-rash cream, a thermometer, baby body wash and baby powder, some washcloths and towels and a bath toy (e.g. a rubber ducky). Personalize the basked or box with paint for "Baby's First Bath".

Baby Gifts: Finger blanket

A lovely and useful gift for a baby is a finger blanket. Choose a silky and soft fabric for added comfort. Have it personalized with the baby's name if you want to make it more special.

Baby Gifts: Counting sheep

Give the gift of sweet dreams to a baby or child: a book with bedtime stories or a book of rhymes that inludes "Baa Baa Black Sheep" along with a plush lamb toy to say "Sweet dreams!".

Baby Gifts: Cuddling mat

A lovely and useful gift for a baby is a cuddling mat. Choose a silky and soft fabric with lots of padding for added comfort. Have it personalized with the baby's name if you want to make it more special.