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Huge photo album with a family history

Jaynie, 26 got this from her mother and said:

The gift was not only a gorgeous album - made of leather and engraved with my name and the date stamped on the front in gold - but it was full of photos of me and my family from my birth up to my marriage. The sentimental value made it such an amazing gift.

Scrapbook with pages from each of my close friends.

Gloria, 30 got this from her sister and girlfriends and said:

Each of my girlfriends put a lot of thought and time into crafting a scrapbook that reflected the history of our friendship. I liked that the gift had a personal touch and didn't cost a lot of money to create. It is something that I will keep forever and makes me smile every time I look at it.

Diamond pendant

Cathy, 30 got this from her husband and said:

Like all girls I too love jewelery and especially diamond jewelery. My husband gave me a diamond pendant in shape of a heart on our 5th wedding anniversary.