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The lightbulb is often used to depict a flash of inspiration or the conception of an idea. This is based on the ancient concept of the transfer of spiritual energy and strength from the source of light - the sun - to the human intellect.


In psychology, changing one's hat symbolises changing one's ideas and view of the world.


  • The egg symbolises creation: the beginning of life itself or the beginning of a new period of life.

  • The Chinese present a red hard-boiled egg as a symbol of congratulations when a baby is born. The egg's "eyes" is said to watch over the child.

  • It is a Persian custom to give one another eggs on New Year's Day.

Bay leaves

Ancient Romans and Greeks used to make a crown of the laurel (bay) leaf for their emperors, poets and scholars as a symbol of victory and honour.


Mason symbol of a person dedicated to work, the working environment, and protection against dangers of the workplace.


  • Sliced carrots resemble coins in shape and colour and are thus considered a symbol of prosperity.

  • The Hebrew word for carrots - tsimes - means "to increase". In celebration of the new year, carrots are eaten with the hope of increasing goodness and happiness in the year ahead.


In the Middle Ages, the lady presented ribbons to her knight as a symbol of victory. Ribbons were also thrown to the victor in the joust.