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Labyrinth / Maze

The maze is associated with the choices required to reach safety during the journey of life.

The maze is also linked to the confusion and contradiction of the unconscious mind. Arriving at the center means discovery of the self.


The lightbulb is often used to depict a flash of inspiration or the conception of an idea. This is based on the ancient concept of the transfer of spiritual energy and strength from the source of light - the sun - to the human intellect.



In old times, when food and money were scarce, having a pig to eat was a sign of good fortune. In Germany, people acknowledge good luck with the saying "you have had pig".

The pig is considered a good luck charm, much like the four-leaf clover or rabbit's foot.


  • Garlic is considered a natural healer, which improves strength and curing many ailments.

  • Roman gladiators are said to have used garlic to enhance their ability in the stadium.

  • In ancient Egypt, garlic was so valuable as a remedy that it was actually used as a currency.


In psychology, changing one's hat symbolises changing one's ideas and view of the world.


Metal was used as an adornment by Ancient Egyptians as protection against harm and evil spirits. Many Egyptian women still observe this tradition, wearing glittery ornaments in their hair and around their neck to ward off evil influences.

Mustard seed

"Faith as tiny as a mustard seed can move a mountain." (Matthew 17:20)

The mustard seed is a talisman for hope and faith, often given as a prayer of encouragement.


  • Translates to "intelligence of the wood" (Celtic languages).

  • The game was used as a test of discipline, strategy and intelligence for warriors in India.


  • In dream psychology, the key is a symbol for finding solutions to problems.

  • The Japanese view the key as a symbol for happiness.


  • The egg symbolises creation: the beginning of life itself or the beginning of a new period of life.

  • The Chinese present a red hard-boiled egg as a symbol of congratulations when a baby is born. The egg's "eyes" is said to watch over the child.

  • It is a Persian custom to give one another eggs on New Year's Day.


Symbol of time passing and the transitory nature of life.


  • Sliced carrots resemble coins in shape and colour and are thus considered a symbol of prosperity.

  • The Hebrew word for carrots - tsimes - means "to increase". In celebration of the new year, carrots are eaten with the hope of increasing goodness and happiness in the year ahead.


  • Native Americans used rattles to keep away evil spirits.

  • Rattles were used by Shamans to allow direct communication with the spirits and to enhance powers of healing and the vision of the future, inviting good fortune and asking for protection from evil.


  • The Christian tradition of baptism (bath) brings purity and preparation for a new life.

  • In dream psychology a bath symbolizes a soothing sense of security.


A symbol for the game of life, expressing the balancing required to move among the light and dark squares.


In Dream Psychology, the car represents the physical body or self. The more powerful the car, the more the driver needs excellent self-control and adaptability.


  • Symbolizes finding our way through life.

  • In dream psychology, the compass signifies safe orientation along the rocky path of life and represents an instrument of direction and identity.


  • Biblical angels are the messengers between God and the world; they are the bearers of good tidings to the soul.

  • Angels symbolize protection (guardian angels) and guidance.


In the Middle Ages, the lady presented ribbons to her knight as a symbol of victory. Ribbons were also thrown to the victor in the joust.