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Gift Basket: New (Baby) Job

Fill a gift basket will all sorts of "baby equipment": cotton, baby wipes, baby oil, diapers, baby powder, baby shampoo, etc. Add the message "Congrats on your new job!". If this is for a new Dad, why not use a workman's toolbelt instead of a basket? Don't forget to add a clothespin for his nose for a bit of additional humor!

Baby Gifts: Baby monitor

New parents will be very worried about their little gem, so why not give them the gift of peace of mind and buy a baby monitor. That way, the parents will be able to get some rest in their own room while baby sleeps. The monitor will let them know if the baby needs attention without them having to constantly get up to check. A thoughtful gift for all new parents.

Diaper bag

Help the new parents juggle baby's paraphernalia with a washable diaper-bag. Include some baby essentials like diapers, wipes and tissues for the parents on the go.

Baby Gifts: Fun photo journal

Purchase a pretty photo album, a cute soft toy and a single-use camera, plus some coupons for photo finishing and you have a lovely gift. Make signs for each week or month to begin with "Baby is one week old" up to "Baby is one year old". In your card, note down instructions to take the picture with the soft toy next to the baby and watch baby grow up. This will make for a fun memory that will last a lifetime.

Baby Gifts: Wherever you go

A very practical baby gift is a baby carrier which holds the little one close to Mom or Dad, as they shop, do the housework or go for a walk. Make sure you get one that holds the baby securely but comfortably and add a note saying "This will help you keep your most precious possession close to your heart."

Baby Gifts: Shoes

Pick baby's first pair or shoes, plus a certificate to have them bronzed or encased in porcelain for a long-lasting gift. Add a message "Welcome to the world. No one can fill your shoes!".

Baby Gifts: Hall of fame

Give a selection of gifts for baby's milestones: a bib "My first birthday", a tooth-fairy pillow or container for baby's first tooth, a silver spoon for baby's first meal. You can also add one of those lovely baby photoalbums and a single-use camera, for the parents to capture the first special moments.

Baby Gifts: Bath Accessories

Fill a basket or open plastic-handled box with cotton balls, disposable diapers, baby shampoo, baby oil and wipes, diaper-rash cream, a thermometer, baby body wash and baby powder, some washcloths and towels and a bath toy (e.g. a rubber ducky). Personalize the basked or box with paint for "Baby's First Bath".

Baby Gifts: Cuddling mat

A lovely and useful gift for a baby is a cuddling mat. Choose a silky and soft fabric with lots of padding for added comfort. Have it personalized with the baby's name if you want to make it more special.

Baby Gifts: Finger blanket

A lovely and useful gift for a baby is a finger blanket. Choose a silky and soft fabric for added comfort. Have it personalized with the baby's name if you want to make it more special.

Baby Gifts: Counting sheep

Give the gift of sweet dreams to a baby or child: a book with bedtime stories or a book of rhymes that inludes "Baa Baa Black Sheep" along with a plush lamb toy to say "Sweet dreams!".

Picture frames "Baby Beautiful"

So there is a new baby and everybody is excited. The little one will have plenty of photographs taken of him or her. No doubt that the proud parents will want to display their little cutie, so why not purchase a supply of different sized photo holders and frames, ranging from photo key chains to refrigerator magnets to show off some of the best shots. It makes a great gift for proud grandparents too.

Scrapbook: Book of Honor

Mark a special occasion or milestone by creating a personal scrapbook for the recipient. Get the whole family or a group of friends to participate and ask each of them to fill a couple of pages with their best wishes and personal memories, including photographs and other small items, to create a truly unique gift.