Mother's Day Gift ideas

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Time: Mom's Day

Treat your Mom to a well-deserved day off and take over the household tasks, give her a book, a drink and her favorite sweets so that she can indulge and relax. If you want to really treat her, make dinner (or order it in) and rent a movie she'll enjoy.

Gift Voucher: A Helping Hand

Give the gift of free time to your Mum by offering to take care of some chores for her. Make your own gift vouchers for a range of household tasks and stick them in a fancy envelope. Whenever she wants to take some 'me' time, she can redeem one of the vouchers. Include blank ones too, so she can choose which task she would like to be done.

Home Office: Glued together

Give your mom a set of useful desk accessories, personalized stationery and a bottle of glue, tape, paper clips and a stapler. Add a personal message saying "Mom, thanks for being the glue that holds this family together. Here are some things to help you keep it all together".

Music lover: Serenade

A truly unique gift idea is to hire a violinist or guitar player to serenade for your special lady. Whether under her window, in her living room or at a restaurant - this is definitely going to be a huge surprise from "her biggest admirer"!

Journal: Datebook

A great gift, esp. for mothers and grandmothers, is a journal to keep track of all the important dates in your family, like birthdays and anniversaries. Record each family member's birthday, along with addresses and preferences (hobbies, sizes, etc.), so she has all the important information at hand. Add a picture of each person if you can, to add a special touch.

Flowers: Brighten up life

Women just love flowers, especially if they are given by a loved one. A great gift for any woman, whether mother, lover or friend, is a beautiful flower bouquet. If you know her favorites, go for those but don't worry too much about it: a bunch of different flowers in a range of colors will do the trick too. Add a message saying "Thank you for brightening up my life!" to make your gift more personal.

Journal: Family Recipes

Buy a beautiful journal, some high-quality pens and fill the first few pages with your favorite family recipes. Think about the dishes you most enjoyed as a child or those your children love the most. Leave plenty of blank pages for her to add her own treasures to the collection of family recipes, kitchen tips and wisdoms.

Food: Driving you nuts

We all drive each other crazy sometimes, yet the people close to us still put up with us even when we are being difficult or annoying. A big bag or basket of different nuts, peanut brittle, chocolate-coated nuts, along with a note saying "I know I sometimes drive you nuts. Thank you for loving me regardless!" makes a great gift to show appreciation or to say sorry.

Electronics: MP3 Player

Make this gift more meaningful by including a few special songs when you purchase your choice of mp3-player.

Choose songs that relate to the recipient and yourself (songs from a joint vacation, a night out together, etc.) or which have a 'theme' (songs of encouragement, love songs, happy tunes). Explain the meaning behind your choice of songs in a personal message to make your gift perfect!