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Sonia, 37 got this from her husband and said:

I love to read books and there was a particular title which I was trying to locate, but was unable to find as it was out of stock. My spouse managed to get his hands on this book (second hand book), and even though this book was not new, I was very happy to receive it, as I had been looking for this particular book for a very long time and it was very thoughtful of him to find it for me.

Scented waxed teddy bear

Eleanore, 39 got this from her husband and said:

I was feeling down for a couple days and thought my husband hadn't noticed which hurt my feelings even more. Then after he came home from work he had this huge thing of balloons and a big wrapped present which smelled so wonderful. I opened it and there was the most beautiful waxed teddy bear in it! It made me cry for days. It was the most special thing he has ever done for me!

Sky-diving gift certificate

Steve, 26 got this from his best friend and said:

My relationship has ended with a girlfriend and just seemed to be spinning my wheels in one place and going no where. My friend saw this and thought this would be a great gift. It was great and it re opened my eyes to life and got it back on the roll!.

Art print of a chickadee

Randall, 37 got this from his wife and said:

My favorite bird is the chickadee and my wife got this gift on the spur of the moment on a year we had decided not to exchange gifts for solstice. The fact that she got me something knowing she would get nothing and that it was something so thoughtful just made it really special.


Crystal, 27 got this from her special friend and said:

It is a great gift because I never expected to receive it. It is also a memorable one as it came from a special friend as a symbol of his love. He gave it so that we can communicate everyday and that we will not miss one another. It's not actually the value that counts but the thought and the love that goes with it.


Angela, 40 got this from her friend and said:

I was not able to read the old bible because the letters were very small, I wanted to buy a big lettered for a long time but could not afford to buy one. I value this gift as a gift from God and I am able to read my bible.