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It is believed to have been sent by the angels as a cure for the plague and still has many medical uses.


Turtles embody the earth's energy and are a symbol of patience, good health and long life. They are attributed curative powers and will ensure that pregnant women have an easy pregnancy and delivery.


  • Garlic is considered a natural healer, which improves strength and curing many ailments.

  • Roman gladiators are said to have used garlic to enhance their ability in the stadium.

  • In ancient Egypt, garlic was so valuable as a remedy that it was actually used as a currency.


A symbol expressing the process of life, the belief that all pieces will eventually fall into place.

Bird & Feather

Some Native Americans believe in birds' power to carry our prayers directly to God. The prayers are carried on their feathers and brought to heaven with exceptional strength and speed.


  • According to St. Patrick, green is the color of hope, representing the faith and optimism of the Irish people throughout history.

  • The Evergreen tree never looses its shape or color of leaves and has thus become a symbol of both hope and everlasting life.

Closed Box

The mythical Pandora opened a forbidden closed box and all the evils of the world inside the box were released, while hope remained in the box.

Mustard seed

"Faith as tiny as a mustard seed can move a mountain." (Matthew 17:20)

The mustard seed is a talisman for hope and faith, often given as a prayer of encouragement.


  • Symbol for a completed journey: it takes it back to its starting point.


In Italy, the tomato is a symbol of good fortune and is thought to bring health and wealth into the home. Some Italians place a large red tomato on the mantle to further ensure prosperity.


A metal so strong that it can only be shaped by fire, iron is known as the universal weapon against evil spirits.

Folklore claims that placing a piece of iron at the threshold or under the bed will safeguard the home.


  • The Christian tradition of baptism (bath) brings purity and preparation for a new life.

  • In dream psychology a bath symbolizes a soothing sense of security.

Teddy Bear

  • Commonly used to provide comfort and consolation.

  • The name originates from the nickname of Theodore Roosevelt, who is said to have spared the life of a bear cub while hunting.


In the Middle Ages, whenever a knight left for the Crusades, his lady would present him with sprigs of thyme as a symbol of loving remembrance.


Native Americans used feathers to assist in healing. It was also custom to hang feathers for protection and good health.


Christian symbol of steadfastness, hope and salvation.


A symbol for the game of life, expressing the balancing required to move among the light and dark squares.


The griffin is a symbol of strength: the head and wings represent the vigilance and watchfulness of the eagle, while the body symbolizes the lion's strength.

Rainbow & Irises

American Indian legend tells the story of the Great Spirit who overheard a conversation between all the flowers in the meadow. Winter was coming and they would soon have to leave, but wished they could continue sharing their magnificent colours with the earth. The Great Spirit decided to help by giving them the sky as their heavenly landscape and display the flowers in the form of rainbows.

In Greek mythology, Iris is the goddess of the rainbow and is considered a symbol of great joy, happiness and abundance. It is considered the bridge between heaven and earth, representing truth and regeneration.


  • Symbolizes finding our way through life.

  • In dream psychology, the compass signifies safe orientation along the rocky path of life and represents an instrument of direction and identity.


  • Biblical angels are the messengers between God and the world; they are the bearers of good tidings to the soul.

  • Angels symbolize protection (guardian angels) and guidance.