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"Photography day"

John, 60 got this from his daughter and said:

I'm very passionate about photography and always take my camera with me wherever I go. My daughter shares this interest and had just bought herself a high-quality camera too. For Christmas, she gave me a voucher for a "photography day", inviting me to spend a day with her taking landscape photographs. The card read that instead of just buying something for me, she wanted to give me the most valuable thing she had to offer: her time. I was truly touched by it and we had a great time together!

Prismacolor Markers

Lynn, 26 got this from her mother and said:

I have always been very artistic, yet have never been able to afford good, high quality art products. My Mom and I are best friends, and she would often hear me speaking about Prismacolor Markers, and how wonderful they are. For Christmas, she presented them to me, and I almost cried. She always knew to get me the perfect gift, and this gift really made me so excited and I finally felt fulfilled, knowing that I could finally create beautiful artwork. I love my Mom so much, and I will never forget the Christmas she gave me the best gift in the world.

Acoustic guitar

Brian, 22 got this from his parents and said:

This gift was such a great gift because it was exactly what I wanted and my parents knew that I really wanted to learn how to play guitar.

Picture album

Sharon, 21 got this from her husband and said:

My husband gathered together all the pictures from when we were dating and made an album for me. He wrote funny comments and memories next to each picture. It was very meaningful to me because I know it took him a long time to gather and complete. I love gifts that are personal and that the person has put a lot of thought into. I will treasure my album forever.

Wooden gingerbread house advent calendar

Andrea, 37 got this from her mother and said:

My mother loves getting her children the one thing they want the most. Well at 35 it was pretty hard to tell her what one gift I wanted more than anything else. Knowing my love of gingerbread decorations, she found this giant, wooden gingerbread house advent calendar that's windows and door open to be filled with candy. I had seen other advent calendars before but none that had openings on all four sides. It is amazing and took me completely by surprise. I love filling it every year.

Family picture

Kelli, 30 got this from her husband and said:

My husband took my daughter and I to Disney World for Christmas and we had our picture taken with Mr. and Mrs. Clause. He had it blown up to a 8x10 and had it matted and framed, it was a great surprise and it was very sentimental.

Sewing machine - a nice, basic, solid Singer.

Linda, 37 got this from her boyfriend and said:

Lots of things made it a great gift. I didn't have a sewing machine at the time, and I was always borrowing a friend's machine. I didn't ask for one, so it was a total surprise. We didn't have huge amounts of money at the time, so it was a really big deal. Every time I use it, I remember what a thoughtful gift it was and how happy it made me.

Concert tickets

Dawn, 61 got this from her daughter and said:

I love classical music but sadly there are not many concerts in my hometown. When I saw a poster for a concert by one of my favorite classical artist, I was very upset that it was once again too far away for me to go. My daughter must have realized just how much I wanted to go as she got me two tickets for me and her to go together. It was a wonderful experience and a very memorable occasion!

Photo album of my childhood

Virginia, 32 got this from her aunt and said:

It had all of the pictures my parents didn't of me as a baby / small child when I spent random weekends with her, family trips we took together when my parents forgot their camera, past Christmases, etc.

10K gold 0.25 tcw diamond heart necklace

Karen, 20 got this from her boyfriend and said:

My boyfriend surprised me by picking out this gift himself. He typically does not give surprise presents, so I did not expect it at all. I was touched that he spent hours picking out the perfect necklace for me. He even asked other people for their opinions and had a woman with the same build as me try on the necklace so he would know what length of chain to get! I love the workmanship of the piece that reflects my boyfriend's down-to-earth tastes---very elegant and understated. In a way, it reflects the qualities I admire in my boyfriend. Every morning I put on the necklace and I know how much he cares about me because of the hard work it took for him to get me this gift.


Kristy, 26 got this from her boyfriend and said:

My boyfriend gave me a very special Christmas gift: he bought me some beautiful lingerie and attached my wedding ring to the bra.

High-quality drill set

Ray, 42 got this from his wife and said:

I guess what made it so memorable was that money was tight and I wasn't expecting it. My wife took the money she had been putting away for a new wardrobe and headed out shopping one morning. When she arrived home, she had only one new outfit and my drill set. She knew how much I wanted and needed it and sacrificed what she had been saving for herself.

Art print of a chickadee

Randall, 37 got this from his wife and said:

My favorite bird is the chickadee and my wife got this gift on the spur of the moment on a year we had decided not to exchange gifts for solstice. The fact that she got me something knowing she would get nothing and that it was something so thoughtful just made it really special.