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Annual Christmas Ornaments

If your family has a Christmas tree in your home, why not start a new tradition that is for keeps? Give each family member an ornament every year and mark their name and the year on it. When your children eventually leave home, they can take their ornaments with them as fond memories of their childhood Christmas celebrations.

Gift Voucher: Seasons Gr"eat"ings

A gift voucher for a favorite restaurant or indeed some home-made cookies - both make great Christmas gifts and "Seasons Greetings" for family and friends.

Tickets: Special Event

Buy a couple of tickets to your favorite show, concert or movie and add a personalized message for your loved one, saying "To the leading lady in my life" / "To the leading man in my life".

Animal Lover: Adopt An Animal

A great gift for all animal lovers: organizations like the WWF ( offer the chance to 'adopt' an animal. You usually get a certificate, a photograph and a plush toy as part of the adoption. Prices vary, depending on the type of animal you choose to adopt. Alternatively, check with your local zoo.

This gift will be extra special if you add a personal message that relates the recipient to an attribute of the animal you have chosen: "I know you are having a hard time right now, but keep going - you are strong as a bear!". If you have a special nickname for the recipient your message could also be something like "For my little monkey / tiger / etc.".

Electronics: MP3 Player

Make this gift more meaningful by including a few special songs when you purchase your choice of mp3-player.

Choose songs that relate to the recipient and yourself (songs from a joint vacation, a night out together, etc.) or which have a 'theme' (songs of encouragement, love songs, happy tunes). Explain the meaning behind your choice of songs in a personal message to make your gift perfect!