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Clothes are often used as a symbol of the very essence of the human being.


Turtles embody the earth's energy and are a symbol of patience, good health and long life. They are attributed curative powers and will ensure that pregnant women have an easy pregnancy and delivery.


Sage is regarded as the herb of immortality, ensuring a long and healthy life.


  • Native Americans used rattles to keep away evil spirits.

  • Rattles were used by Shamans to allow direct communication with the spirits and to enhance powers of healing and the vision of the future, inviting good fortune and asking for protection from evil.


Symbol of wisdom and offering protection from evil spirits.


The griffin is a symbol of strength: the head and wings represent the vigilance and watchfulness of the eagle, while the body symbolizes the lion's strength.


  • In medieval times, the shell symbolized a pilgrimage.

  • In China, a shell represents a prosperous journey.


Native Americans used feathers to assist in healing. It was also custom to hang feathers for protection and good health.


  • Biblical angels are the messengers between God and the world; they are the bearers of good tidings to the soul.

  • Angels symbolize protection (guardian angels) and guidance.