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  • Symbol of magical power over nature because combs were originally made of fish bones and were believed to control storms.

  • Japanese mythology associates the teeth of the comb with rays from heaven: when a comb was stuck in the hair to hold it up, this was a means of communicating with heaven.


Clothes are often used as a symbol of the very essence of the human being.


  • According to St. Patrick, green is the color of hope, representing the faith and optimism of the Irish people throughout history.

  • The Evergreen tree never looses its shape or color of leaves and has thus become a symbol of both hope and everlasting life.


  • In dream psychology, the key is a symbol for finding solutions to problems.

  • The Japanese view the key as a symbol for happiness.


During the depression, hobos had a secret way of letting others know where they could find nourishment. They carved the face of a smiling cat on a fence post outside of homes where they had been fed. This meant a kind and generous person lived inside.


Sage is regarded as the herb of immortality, ensuring a long and healthy life.



  • Native Americans place a "burden basket" next to the front entrance of their home so guests can check their burdens at the door.

  • A basket full of fruit or wool symbolises fertility.

  • In Egyptian culture, as basket suggests wholeness and togetherness under one heavenly rule.


Offering someone a chair is a way to show respect for their authority or prestige.


Symbol of time passing and the transitory nature of life.


  • Chinese symbol for fertility and longevity.

  • A unicorn can only be captured by a virgin and is therefore a symbol of feminity, purity and the power of goodness.


  • Flight symbolises the realisation of a person's deepest aspirations by being released from all earthbound fears.

  • Aircraft are a modern version of ancient dragons or thunderbolts of Zeus, representing the realm of ideas, thought and spirit. They reflect capability and self-possession to navigate boundless space, restoring freedom and independence.


In Dream Psychology, the car represents the physical body or self. The more powerful the car, the more the driver needs excellent self-control and adaptability.


Venus, the Roman goddess of love, carried a vial of precious nectar as she hurried off to see her lover Adonis. On her way, she carelessly stepped on a thorn and punctured her foot. Blood stained the thorny bush and nectar spilled on its leaves. Where blood and nectar mingled, a beautiful red rose appeared.

Rainbow & Irises

American Indian legend tells the story of the Great Spirit who overheard a conversation between all the flowers in the meadow. Winter was coming and they would soon have to leave, but wished they could continue sharing their magnificent colours with the earth. The Great Spirit decided to help by giving them the sky as their heavenly landscape and display the flowers in the form of rainbows.

In Greek mythology, Iris is the goddess of the rainbow and is considered a symbol of great joy, happiness and abundance. It is considered the bridge between heaven and earth, representing truth and regeneration.


  • Biblical angels are the messengers between God and the world; they are the bearers of good tidings to the soul.

  • Angels symbolize protection (guardian angels) and guidance.