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Pizza stone

Evelyn, 30 got this from her friend and said:

I used it a couple times. It's SO heavy and not to mention very hard to clean. It stains EVERY time I use it, and it over cooks my pizza!! But I didn't want my friend to feel bad because she thought it was the perfect gift! Boy was she wrong.


David, 18 got this from his best friend and said:

It had some adult content and my parents saw it. I was only 11 at the time and it was so embarrassing!

The same bag I saved up for months and got myself before I received the same one as a gift!

Lorna, 45 got this from her best friend and said:

Some people might not think its a bad or an unpleasant gift but I felt disappointed to be honest... There was this bag I saved up for like four months to get myself on my birthday, and eventually bought it happily. And lo and behold I got the same bag from my best friend on my birthday.


Joy, 37 got this from her friend and said:

I am not so keen on deodorants and my friend knew this, but still went ahead and bought it for me. The worst thing was, I am very hygenic, and keep myself clean, but the deodorant made me feel as if I was emanating bad odour.

Pair of slippers

Marion, 30 got this from her husband and said:

My husband got me a pair of bathroom slippers on my birthday. I was expecting some piece of jewelry and he gave me slippers. Although the slippers were costly but I didn't like them as my birthday gift.

Vacuum cleaner

Hazel, 48 got this from her husband and said:

Think about it -- a vacuum cleaner for a birthday present? That is why I am no longer married to that man.

Computer mouse

Barbara, 48 got this from her husband and said:

It seemed like the most unromantic, impersonal, cheap gift for a man to give his wife on her birthday. I was a professional person with a laptop from my job, and had mentioned that it would be good to have a mouse for it, but not as my only birthday gift from my (now ex-) husband!

Toy pistol

Sarah, 26 got this from her parents and said:

I'm a girl and I really wanted a lovely doll, not a gun. My parents should have known this.


Lori, 30 got this from her husband and said:

My husband gave me a box of chocolates on my 25th birthday. I didn't like the gift because it was not something that I could keep for years. We ate the chocolates and the gift was finished. It was not something I could wear and show it to others.