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Wand / Scepter

The Masai used to give a scepter to the chief as a symbol of acknowledgment. One end of the handle was carved into a lion's head, while the other was a horsetail flyswatter.

Umbrella / Parasol

In Buddhist tradition, the umbrella is a symbol of dignity and honor. Important people were protected from the sun by parasols in all hot places.


A symbol expressing the process of life, the belief that all pieces will eventually fall into place.


Offering someone a chair is a way to show respect for their authority or prestige.


  • Translates to "intelligence of the wood" (Celtic languages).

  • The game was used as a test of discipline, strategy and intelligence for warriors in India.

Bay leaves

Ancient Romans and Greeks used to make a crown of the laurel (bay) leaf for their emperors, poets and scholars as a symbol of victory and honour.


Mason symbol of a person dedicated to work, the working environment, and protection against dangers of the workplace.


  • Flight symbolises the realisation of a person's deepest aspirations by being released from all earthbound fears.

  • Aircraft are a modern version of ancient dragons or thunderbolts of Zeus, representing the realm of ideas, thought and spirit. They reflect capability and self-possession to navigate boundless space, restoring freedom and independence.