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Jen and Ben

Goodbye gifts - Saying Farewell and Wishing Good Luck

I cannot remember how many times in my life I have had to say goodbye to people I care deeply about, how many times I have stood in an airport or train station with tears in my eyes when I or someone else departed to a place far away. Having spent the majority of the last decade living far away from my family, I am pretty experienced when it comes to farewells. Of course this doesn’t mean that it has become any easier and the last move which was just a couple of months ago was as hard as was the first one 12 years ago.

At a time when you are feeling emotional because you are sending someone off into a new life, you often want to give at least a small farewell gift, maybe a keepsake, to make sure you are remembered and to express your best wishes for the journey that lies ahead of your loved one.

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